plateIn 2010, funds were donated to The Friends to acquire the Radio Shack Building adjacent to the Library for the sole purpose of renovating it as an addition to the Library. Responsibility for the planning, fund-raising, and the construction of this library addition was entirely under the direction of the Friends.

  Over a two-year period, the Friends raised more than $1.3 million for the addition. Upon completion in 2014, the new addition was turned over to the County. Named the H. Bland Hudgins Wing, the addition includes a teen area, a beautiful atrium for reading and computer use under natural lighting, a small community meeting room, much-needed staff work space, and a landscaped courtyard.

The Friends continue to support the library in many ways.  We provide funds for books, computers, programs and events, and other help that the Library Director requests, and advocate for library programs.

A display case beside the door from the courtyard into the new addition commemorates the work of the Friends through the years. Scrapbooks located in the Chesapeake Room of the Library provide an illustrated history of the group from 1982.